SEA Archive Collections Processed

Students enrolled in an introductory archives class taught for San Jose University's School of Library and Information Science at CSU Fullerton have processed and created a finding aid for the Joseph Carrier Collection on the Chieâu Hoi Amnesty Program. The collection contains materials pertaining to the Chieu Hoi amnesty program, operated by the Republic of Vietnam from 1963 to 1973, to encourage civilian and military defections from the communist controlled South. It includes transcripts of interviews, interview notes, administrative correspondence, memoranda, data, published and unpublished reports from public and private agencies, including the RAND Corporation, the U.S. and Republic of Vietnam governments, and materials relating to Carrier's study of the defoliation of Vietnam.

Howie Phan, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies intern last spring quarter, processed and produced finding aids for two collections for the SEA Archive. The Paul Tran (Tran Hoang Luc) Collection on Vietnamese American Advocacy Activities contains newspaper and journal articles, correspondence, and documents related to Vietnamese boat people in Hong Kong; and political publications and documents originated by overseas Vietnamese, mostly in the U.S., against the Vietnamese communist regime. The second collection, the Kim Ha Files, includes the manuscript of her book on the experiences of Vietnamese land refugees, Qua con bao du, articles and correspondence relating to the book, its English translation, Stormy escape, and the author.

Many thanks to Dr. Debra Hansen, the Archives' class instructor, the students in the Archives class and to Howie Phan for their work in making these collections available for research.