Recent Gifts

Steve S. Arounsack:

Copies of Lao Vision magazine, vol. 1:2 (Spring 1998).

Mitchell I. Bonner:

Brochures, flyers, newsletters, newspaper articles, and other ephemera relating in large part to Southeast Asian communities in Northern California. Items include Lao and Vietnamese New Year 1998 programs, brochure for the Laotian Organizing Project in West Contra Costa County, flyer concerning the Lao Rattanaram New Temple in Richmond, pamphlet for the San Francisco MAA Youth Center 1995 open house.

Amy Dale:

County of Orange Health Care Agency, Vietnamese health promotion report, 1998.

Minh-Tram Dao:

Program for the 1998 UCI Vietnamese Student Association Culture Night, Nguoc dong lich su Viet Nam=Back to the future: A Vietnamese history.

Lien Doan:

Bound volumes of the English and French editions of Vietnam Magazine, 1970-1973; Vietnam Report, 1972-1973; and Giai-Pham Giup-Ich, 2:8.

Heat Chheng Leao:

1996 Cambodian Business Directory, the U.S-Indochina Reconciliation Project's Cambodian Workshop on Reconstruction and Development, Session II, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 31 January-7 February 1993; Suorsday, vol. 1:4 (1996); Kampuchia: It's people land and culture (pamphlet for Asia Resource Center slideshow); Welaratna, Usha, "Cambodian refugees: factors affecting their assimilation and English language acquisition, CATESOL Journal, Nov. 1988; pamphlets from CORKR and the Cambodian Genocide Project.

Sue Mote:

Materials from the Hmong National Development Conference in Denver, April 1998, including a flyer for the play, Hmong! The CIA's Secret Army, scheduled for 1999 performance, Great American History Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Christian Nguyen:

Script, flyers and initial proposal for the 1998 UCI Vietnamese Student Association Culture Night production, Nguoc dong lich su Viet Nam=Back to the future: A Vietnamese history.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Issues of Nguyet San Duc Me Hang Cuu Giup, 141-142, 1998; Tuan Bao Giac Ngo, 102-104,107-109, 1998; Nguyet San Giac Ngo, 23-25, 1998; Dac San Me, 4, 1997; La Thu Kim Son, 1:1, 1998; Ban Tin Minh Dang Quang, 5, 1998; Giai Pham Xuan Minh Dang Quang 1998; Vien Chien, Xuan Mau Dan, 1998; Vien Giac, 103 1998; Chuyen Luan, 8, 1997; Chua Lang Mai, 1998; Books:

Thich Thien Tam, Buddhism of wisdom and faith:

Pure land principles and practice, (1991); Thich Thien Tam, Pure land Buddhism: Dialogues with ancient masters, (1992); Nhat Hanh Thich, Quan Am Thi Kính (1997).

Phuc-Anh Pho Nguyen:

Her autobiography, Gang di cho tron duong tran, 1997.

Thien-An Nguyen & My Thanh Le:

Books: Pham Quoc Bao, Dau vet van hoa Viet tren duong Bac My, tap 1-2, 1995; Ishihara, Shintaro, Bay gio Nhat Ban biet noi khong, trans. by Pham Quoc Bao, 1992; Thich Thanh Tu, Buoc dau tren con duong thien, 1991.

Pacific Asia Press:

The story of Mah: Hmong "Romeo and Juliet" folktale, retold by Rosalie Giacchino-Baker, 1997; The Gift: The Hmong New Year, by Ia Xiong, 1996.

Pacific Ties (UCLA):

Copies of the March and May 1998 issues.

Deborah Rosen:

Her 1998 Ph.D. dissertation, Claremont Graduate University, Music training and cultural transmission: A study of piano pedagogy and the transmission of culture in Vietnam and Thailand.

Prany Sananikone:

1996 Orange County Tet posters.

Dr. Tran Si Lam:

Huong Van magazine, nos. 1-2 (1998),

Daniel Tsang:

Griswold, Belinda, "Toxic avengers," San Francisco Bay Guardian News, April 1, 1998. (Concerns Laotian teenage girls' activism with the Asian Youth Advocates, a project of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.)

Van Nghe Publishers:

Books: Dinh Si Trang, Dao va duc: ban dich moi tron bo Dao-Duc-Kinh cua Lao Tu, 1998; Do Quyen, Nhin cay thay rung, 1997.

Christina Woo:

Boat people: A novel, by Mary Gardner, 1995.

Professor Min Zhou:

Her article: "Growing up American: The challenge confronting immigrant children and children of immigrants," Annual Review of Sociology, 23, 1997; articles with Carl L. Bankston III: "Social capital and the adaptation of the second generation: The case of Vietnamese youth in New Orleans," International Migration Review, 28:4, 1994; "The ethnic church, ethnic identification, and the social adjustment of Vietnamese adolescents," Review of Religious Research, 38:1, 1996; "Effects of minority-language literacy on the academic achievement of Vietnamese youth in New Orleans," Sociology of Education, 68, 1995; "Religious participation, ethnic identification, and adaptation of Vietnamese adolescents in an immigrant community," The Sociological Quarterly, 36:3, 1995.

Sincere thanks to all our donors. My apologies to anyone who inadvertently has not been acknowledged here. Your support of the Southeast Asian Archive is truly appreciated.