Recent Gifts

Lee Bonatti:

Items relating to Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, including sheet music, records, ephemera, and booklet, Building rapport with the Vietnamese, by Marilyn Hoskins.

Tung Cao:

Exhibit catalog, Encounter 1996: Vietnamese artists group exhibition: works by 16 contemporary Vietnamese artists, Pacific Asia Museum, 1996; issues of The Ky 21, 1989-1993, including the premier issue, May 1989.

Dr. Joseph Carrier:

Study on sexuality in Vietnam: the known and unknown areas, by Khuat Thu Hong. Hanoi: Population Council, Institute of Sociology, 1996.

Laurie Carusone:

Children of Cambodia's killing fields: memoirs by survivors, compiled by Dith Pran, Yale University Press, 1997.

Alain Dang:

Bilingual edition of Tren tam muoi nam tai the gian = Over eighty years on this earth, by Phan Vinh Trung, San Jose, 1994.

Diana Do:

Three albums of pre-1975 postage stamps from Vietnam; Vietnamese paper currency.

Lien Doan:

"Banque de l'Indochine" and "Institut d'emission des etats du Cambodge du Laos et du Viet-Nam" paper currency; 3 videos of Vietnamese songs.

Lloyd T. Duong:

His latest book, Triet ly quoc tri dong phuong, Toronto, Lang Van, 1997.

Hoang Duy:

His books of poetry: Bat ngat huong doi , Nguon Song, 1996 and Nhu bong may bay, Huong Duong, 1996.Footscray Community Arts Centre, Footscray, Vic., Australia: Identity and change: papers from a public forum on art and culture based on Vietnamese-Australian experience, February 1996. Forum accompanying the Centre's art exhibition, "Midnight Sun."

Jeanne Freeman:

An analysis of a research video on a comparative study of malls, M.A. Project, CSU Fullerton, 1991. Written report and videos comparing the Brea Mall with the Asian Garden Mall in Westminster.

Robert Hayden:

Oshiro, Ed. Good-bye Vietnam. The Bulletin, King County Medical Society 75(11), 11-15.

Ngo Lai:

Nguoi Viet Yearbook, 1997.

Dr. Van Le:

Helping your child achieve in school, by Huynh Dính Te (Hmong, Khmer, Lao & Vietnamese bilingual editions); Dong Viet, vols.1-3; Context: Southeast Asians & other newcomers in California's classrooms, selected issues, 1989-1995; Ban Tin, Nguoi Viet Tu-Do, Tieng Noi Cong-Dong Viet Nam tai Sacramento va phu can, 1978-1982 & 1991-1996.

Mike Little:

Two duck, dedicated to our Bahnar family of Chrong II, Vietnam, by Mike & Marion Little, 1966. (An account of their 1966 visit to the Central Highlands).

David Lopez:

His paper, Transnationalism and the adaptation of Southeast Asian and Central American migrants to California, presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian American Studies, 1997.

Helen Meyer:

Wrapped in the wind's shawl: refugees of Southeast Asian and the western world, by Scott C. S. Stone and John E. McGowan, Presidio Press, 1980.

Nguyen Hung Cuong:

Dac San Xuan 1997 Dinh Suu, Spring 1997, Annual bulletin of the Vietnamese Senior Citizens Association in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Giao Diem, Winter 1996; Phat-Giao Viet-Nam, January 1997; VN Viet Nam Dan Chu, March 1997; Ban Tin: Lien Minh Viet Nam Tu Do, 26 February 1997; Nguyet San Muc Vu, February 1997; Nguyet san Nguon Song, March-April 1997; Ca tru: a Vietnamese chamber music genre, by Barley Norton, 1996; Song of the banyan: folk music of Vietnam (CD); Nguoi o dung ve (CD)

Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo:

Doi Thoai, November 1995 & April 1995; Dia chi cua mot nguoi: tho, by Le Bi, Tan Thu, 1996.

Tu-Uyen Nguyen:

Her senior thesis, Voices re-membering, re-claiming, re-writing: the emerging literature of Vietnamese American women, UC Irvine, Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, 1995; Protection of Vietnamese asylum seekers in Hong Kong: detention, screening and repatriation, by Anne Wagley Dow, 1991; Defenseless in detention: Vietnamese children living admidst increasing violence in Hong Kong, by Refugee Concern Hong Kong, 1991; materials relating to the 1989 Geneva conference and 1988 statements concerning refugees before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Veronica O'Malley:

Articles from the Daily News (Palatka, Florida), St. Augustine Record, Florida Times Union (Jacksonville), Orlando Sentinel, Pensacola News Journal concerning the 1996 murder trial of Kingkhamvong "King" Phimmachack.

Nguoi Dan Publishers:

Behind the bamboo hedges, by Mai Phuong, 1996.

Dr. Pham Kim Vinh:

His book, White papers on today's Vietnam: how the world can help the people of Vietnam reach a better life, 1996.

Project Ngoc:

Painting , "The Rose," by Hoang Quoc Bien, Whitehead Detention Center, 1990.

Marie M. Reidy:

Beyond the east wind: legends and folktales of Vietnam, Burn, Hart & Co., 1976.

Prany Sananikone:

1997 Tet calendar poster; Southeast Asian Health Project Cambodian anti-smoking poster, 1997.

Rev. Tran Phuc Long:

25 Giao phan Viet Nam, vol. 2, 1996. Costa Mesa: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

Thom Tran:

Her paper, The social and economic impact of transnational ties in immigrant communities: the case of remittances among Vietnamese Americans, presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian American Studies, 1997.

Dr. Tran Si Lam:

His short stories Chi la hu khong, Dong Van, 1996.

Daniel Tsang:

Articles on various topics from newspapers and the Internet.

Van Nghe Publishers:

Nua doi con lai, by Vuong Hong Sen, 1996; Duong may tren dat hoa, by Hoa Thuong Hu Van, 1996; Co dum, by Doan Quoc Si, 1997; Dem giua ban ngay, by Vu Thu Hien, 1997; Thu gui ban ta, vol. 3, by Bui Bao Truc, 1997.

World Vision:

Nien giam, directory of Vietnamese churches, pastors and Christian workers overseas, 1996.

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