Recent Gifts

Dr. Frederick J. Baker:

His 1994 article, Teacher education in the land of a million elephants, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 7.

Dao Nguyen Minh Tram:

VNCOC Cong Dong Community News, Sept. & Dec. 1995; materials relating to the 1995 Vietnamese American Leadership Development Scholarships.

Rifka Hirsch:

Hearing on The Refugee Demonstration Project, California Legislature, 1986; Report to the Congress, Refugee Resettlement Program, 1988; Refugee Information Exchange Conference, 1990 Conference Report; California Southeast Asian Mental Health Needs Assessment, 1987; Hmong Resettlement Study Site Report, Orange County, 1984; Kampuchea Political Imprisonment and Torture, Amnesty International, 1987; The Beginning of a New Life, The Cambodian Family, 1990?; The Cambodian Family: Minnie Street Neighborhood Community Survey, 1995.

Giao Hoang:

His Tu-Ngu Da-Biet Trong Dong-tu Anh-van, 1990; Micro Enterprise (EEDC), September 1995, January 1996.

Cuong Quy Huynh:

Poverty among Southeast Asians in the United States, by Cuong Quy Huÿnh and Deanna L. Pagnini, Unpublished paper, 1995.

Lien B. Lam:

1995 Tet poster from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Le Dinh Dieu:

Seven books published by The Ky: Bui Giang, Tho; Ha Ky Lam, Vung Da Ngam; Pham Van Hai & Duong Dinh Hung, Tho Tình; Pham Xuan nai, Ha Noi Trong Mat Toi; Pham Xuan Tich, Hoa Vang Cu; Tran Hong Chau, Nho Dat Thuong Troi; Tran Mong Tu, Cau Chuyen Cua la Phong.

Dr. Van Le:

Fourteen books on Southeast Asian languages and literatures developed under his supervision while working at the California State Department of Education. (A complete list is available on request).

Le Xuan Khoa:

Replanting Uprooted Youth: Proceedings, National Conference on Refugee Youth, 1988; Mission Refocus: Focus on Women, 1993.

Tina Luu:

Increasing compliance with tuberculosis prophylaxis treatmnent among Vietnamese in Orange County: detailed implementation plan, unpublished paper by J.C. Belliard, Tina Luu et al., Loma Linda University School of Public Health, 1994; articles on tuberculosis.

Gayle Morrison:

1994-1995 issues of the Bangkok Post; Hmong families: A world apart, St. Paul Pioneer Post series reprint, April 1995; Monday: A Bi-weekly Newletter on Refugee and Immigration Issues, 1994-1995 issues; Long Beach Hmong New Year calendar poster.

Nguoi Dan:

Hoang Thi, Luy Tre Xua: Truyen Ky, 1995?

Nguyen Huynh Mai:

Her Co Be Lang Hoa Hao, 1995.

Darlene Nguyen-Ely:

Catalogs of Vietnamese American artists' works from exhibits at the Association for Viet Arts (San Jose), the Downey Museum of Art & the Centre Intercultural Strathearn, Montreal; "Goodbye Saigon," the account of her exodus from Vietnam.

Christine Nou:

Rubbings from Angkor Wat and handicrafts from Cambodia; Khmer Student Association Newsletter, 1993-1994 (Khmer language); Phnom Penh Post, July-December 1994 issues; Kamlang Sethakech Thmei (Cambodian Business News), 1994 issues; Cambodian Times, December 25-31, 1994.

Ky Ba Phan:

His Brainwashing Techniques and Their Effects on Vietnamese Former Prisoners; Nhung Buoc Chan Tu, by Chanh Trung; $50 donation to the SEA Archive.

Lance A. Rasbridge:

Offprint of his 1995 article with Judith C. Kulig, Infant feeding among Cambodian refugees, Maternal Child Nursing, 20(4).

Thanong Sithisombath:

His annotated bilingual bibliography, Books and Documents on Laos, Maha Sila Viravong Library Project, Lao Mai Issara Institute, 1995 and 1996 eds.; Lao Pen Kao, Oct. 1995 & Jan. 1996; Paxasinh Lao Monthly Magazine, no.16, Nov. & Dec. 1995; Lao New Star 1995; Sieng Khaen Magazine, April 1994; Phendin Lao Monthly News, Dec. 1995; Lao People's Democratic Republic News Bulletin, July 1995.

Lorelei Tanji:

Asian Art & Culture, special issue on Vietnam, Winter 1994; CSU Fullerton exhibit catalog, A New Generation: Vietnamese American Contemporary Art, 1994.

Daniel Tsang:

Voices Across America: Round- table Discussions of Asian Civil Rights Issues, 1991?; Vietnam Pictorial, Nov. 1995; 1993 Nguoi Viet Yearbook; 2 posters, "The Twins," Ryan and Hansen Truong.

Vietnamese Student Association:

Tien Ta: UCI Vietnamese Student Magazine, 1996.

Jack Willoughby:

His Vietnamese Criminal Activity: Lost Boys & Their Wayward Acts, 1996.

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