Recent Gifts

Dr. Frederick J. Baker:

His 1994 study: A Philosophy of Teacher Education for the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

JoAn Criddle:

1996 updated edition of her To Destroy You is No Loss.

Denise Do:

Materials concerning the Cao Dai religion from the Cao Dai Temple Overseas, Perris, California.

Rachel G. Gill:

March-April 1996 issue of MissionsUSA, which contains her article, "God promised a miracle," on the Lahu community in Visalia, California.

Kim Ha:

Van But Viet-Nam Hai-Ngoai; Ky-yeu Dai-Ho ky V California (11.95) va Texas (2.96); February and March 1996 issues of Tin Van Cali, the Vietnamese Overseas PEN Southern Chapter's newsletter.

Le Tan Huynh:

Duyen Hac Le Thai At, Ngon Ngu Viet Nam, 1996.

Le Xuan Khoa:

Laos: Economic Transition from Centrally Planned to Free Market Inventory, by Khammany Mathavongsy, 1996.

Linh Quang Vien:

Hoi Nguoi Viet Cao Nien Vung Hoa Thinh Don, Dac San Xuan Binh Ty 1996.

Michael J. Nally:

Nguoi Viet The Gioi = Viet & World Magazine, April 1994; articles from the Nguot Viet; material about his screenplay, Trudy; and photographs of the East West Players production of And the Soul Shall Dance.

Khiem Nguyen:

program for VAB Expo 95 (Vietnamese American Business Expo, USA'95, Orange County, CA).

Darlene Nguyen-Ely:

"A Celebration of Vietnamese Art," catalog for exhibition at California State University, Long Beach, April 15-19, 1996.

Dr. Ky Ba Phan:

Hoi Than-Huu Luc-Luong Dac-Biet Viet-Nam, Xuan Binh-Ty, 1996; The Secrets of King Midas: Testimonies of the People of Vietnam on the Vietnamese Socialist Regime from 1975-1992, by Tran An Binh, with Gilbert B. Layton, 1995.

Prany Sananikone:

"State of the Regions," handout for a presentation on the Hmong in Wisconsin, by Minerva Coyne, and Scott Jones, at the NAFEA Conference, New Orleans, April 1996.

Thanong Sithisombath:

Laovangmai, September 15, 1995; Phendin Lao Monthly News (Garden Grove, CA), September 1995; Laopenkao, the newsletter of the Maha Sila Viravong Library Project, February & March, 1996; Lao Pen Khao, Books on Lao Club newsletter, issues 8-10, 1995; publication of the Lao United Freedom Organization (Rochester, N.Y.), 46:6, 1992.

Hoang Tran:

two articles for the "Rethinking Confucianism in Asia" conference, UCLA April 1995: "Vietnamese Confucianism as the orphan of international Confucian studies" by Alexander Woodside, and "Confucianism in Vietnamese formations of tradition and modernity," by K.W. Taylor.

Van Nghe Publishers:

Thu Gu I Ban Ta, by Bui Bao Truc, 1995; Truyen Mien Nam, tap 2, Tho Mien Nam, tap 2 & 3, 1995; Ky-But-Kich Mien Nam, tap 2, 1995, by Vo Phien; Viet Cho Me & Quoc Hoi, by Nguyen Van Tran, 1995.

Linh Duy Vo:

His Dear Daddy, Poetry, 1995, and accompanying newspaper articles and photographs.

World Vision:

Nien Giam: Moc Su Quan Nhiem Cac Hoi Thanh Viet Nam Hai Ngoai =Vietnamese Pastors and Christian Workers Overseas Directory, October 1995.

Sincere thanks to all our donors for their continued support.