Recent Gifts

Rifka Hirsch and Irene Pham at The Cambodian Family, Inc.:

Documents relating to refugee resettlement: Consultation on Refugee Assistance, 1984; Refugee Resettlement Program Report to the Congress, 1984; Federal Register regulation revisions, 1986.

Seng Douangpanya:

Laotian language newspapers and magazines: Sieng Khaen, Sieng Pasathipatay (San Diego), Lao New Star Magazine (Huntington Beach), Lao Samphanh Newspaper (Sacramento).

Gregory Lam:

Two books on Cao Dai: Thuong De Da Giang Tran/God Has Come, and Caodaism, A Novel Religion, both by Hum Dac Bui.

Van Nghe Publishers:

Que, by Vo Phien;Minh Triet Trong Doi Song, by Darshani Deane and Nguyen Phong; Ho Chi Minh, Ngo Dinh Diem va Mat Tran Giai Phong, by Ho Si Khue.
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