New Additions to the Collection

A sincere "thank you" to the following donors who have given materials to the Southeast Asian Archive in the last few months:

Kim Ha:

The Vietnamese language manuscript of her latest book, Qua Con Bao Du (Going Through a Terrible Storm), and 13 cassette tapes of interviews she conducted with refugees for this work. She recently finished the English translation, which presently is being edited for publication.

Nguyen Hung Cuong:

Publications from the Vietnamese community in the Washington D.C. area: Hoi Nguoi Viet Cao Nien...Dac San Xuan Nham Than 1992, Tieng Chuong, Doi Nay, Thoi Moi - Phu Nu Moi, Tu Do, The Bridge.

Vang Pobzeb:

White Paper on Forced Repatriation of Hmong Refugees from Thailand to Laos, and White Paper on Laos: Why Laotians Request American Help, both publications of the Lao Human Rights Council.

John Chang:

Videos: No More Mountains, Journey From Pha Dong, Southeast Asians, KOCE Public Affairs Special; flyers from the Hmong War Quilts exhibition at the Fullerton Museum.

Van Nghe Publishers:

Dac Khao ve Hoang Sa va Truong Sa, Truyen Mien Nam, by Vo Phien, and Khong Tu, by Nguyen Hien-Le.

Nguyen Long:

Chu Nghia Tu Huu Hien Phap Che Do Tu Huu (Doctrine of Privatism, Constitution, Privatist Regime).

[This article is reprinted from the October 12, 1992 issue of the New University, UCI's student newspaper.]