Recent Gifts

Mitchell Bonner:

Ephemeral materials, in large part concerning Laotian organizations and events in the San Francisco Bay Area; selected copies of 2005 issues of AsianWeek.

Chris Daly:

His Nation of hamlets: Oral notes transcribed from principals of the Ly and Tran dynasties, 1000-1400. Part three of a free form history now called A Moveable Viet Nam (2005).

Peter Daniels:

Materials relating to refugees, including 1980s refugee resettlement materials from Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Unified School District, San Francisco Center for Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement; Action English Pictures.

Long Kim Duong:

His 2004 Directed Design Research project for the University of Southern California School of Architecture Masters of Architecture Program: Place-making in ethnic enclaves: A study on the suburban Vietnamese ethnic enclave.

Le Ly Hayslip:

Le Ly Hayslip, by Mary Englar. (Raintree, 2006).

Robert R. Jones III:

Thế GiớiVăn Học VõThuật, số 16 (2005); Xuân Bính Tuất 2006 publications from Viễn Đông, Việt Tide, and Việt Weekly; Viet Weekly issues; Tấn Tài Lộc= Daily horoscope calender, (2006).

Ann Lê:

Her The Little Saigon Cookbook (Insiders’ Guide, 2005).

Lê Xuân Khoa:

His essays: Vietnamese Americans’ charity and social development work in Vietnam, in both English and Vietnamese (Vietnamese version anmviewer. asp?a=37114&z=85); Bàn về cơ chế quản lý Đại học Việt Nam

Sinh Quang Lê:

Vietnamese International Poetry Society anthologies: Cụm Hoa Tình yêu=Flowers of love=Fleurs d’amour (2004); Cụm hoa tình yêu 10 (2004); CD Nguyễn Tất Vịnh phổ thơ Cụm hoa tình yêu (2004).

Thanh The Le:

His book about his exodus from Vietnam, Bamboo bridge, with Delores Freeman Cork (2005).

Sue Mote:

“The Hmong of Northern Laos,” by G. Linwood Barney; “The Hmongs of Laos: 1896-1978,” by Yang See Koumarn (In Glimpses of Hmong history and culture, General Information Series, no. 16, Indochinese Refugee Education Guides, CAL, 1978); “Hmong leaders in Laos” (Appendices A), “Hmong

education and literacy” (Appendix B) “Hmong names” (Appendix C) , CAL? 1970s?; The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, by Alfred W. McCoy (1972).

Dạt Nguyễn:

Two titles by Nguyễn Ninh Thuận: Những mảnh dời, tập 1-2 (short stories) and Thi phẩm mảnh đời (poems).

Đức Viết Nguyễn:

His book, Healing the inner wounds from the wars in Vietnam (2006); Lê Thái Ất, Văn hóa Việt Nam, 2nd ed. (2003).

Mai Nguyên:

Her book of poems, Tuyển Tập Thơ Mai Nguyên (2004).

Theresa Nguyễn:

Her project The Nguyễns: Exquisite soldiers for fall 2005 class: “Writing lifestories: discovering cultural heritage.” (AsianAm 110).

Hạnh Phạm:

Issues 44-49 of Diễn Đàn Giáo Dân (July-December 2005).

June Pulcini:

The IVS experience from Algeria to Viet Nam, edited by Stuart Rawlings (1992); photographs of Le Ly Hayslip’s November 2005 visit to UCI and of Ron Kovic.

Craig Rice:

Materials relating to Hmong communities, mainly in Minnesota, including brochures, newsletters, flyers, newspaper articles; articles, papers and periodicals concerning Hmong culture and history.

Paul Trần:

KBC Hải Ngoại, số 39-40, 43-44 (2005) & Mừng Xuân Bính Tuất 2006; Con Cò Xuân Bính Tuất 2006; ephemeral materials concerning Vietnamese American issues; two video adapters.

Quân Tụê Trần:

Ephemeral materials (posters, postcards, programs, etc.) concerning events in Orange County, including the November 2005 The Cambodian Family, Inc. 25th anniversary celebration, and Project MotiVAte benefit gala; programs for the first annual Miss Vietnam U.S.A. 2004 pageant, & the VNLC & VAALA 2004 Cinema Symposium Two; Tet 2005 edition of UVSA Non Song.

Bao-Tran Trương & Kim Trương:

Vĩnh Long địa linh nhân kiệt, Hội Đồng Hương Vĩnh Long (2006).

Hiep Võ:

His book, The road to freedom, volume 3: The anger of high sea (2005).

Professor Linda Trinh Võ:

Ephemeral materials concerning the Orange County Vietnamese American community; photographs of Le Ly Hayslip’s November visit to UCI and flyers for screenings of Heaven and Earth; Global Village View newsletter, Fall 2005.

Thanks to all our donors. We are very grateful for their generosity. Our apologies to anyone inadvertently not acknowledged here.