Recent Gifts

Jeff Broudy: 

Books in Khmer concerning Buddhism, including two bilingual titles on the Cambodian New Year and the Kathina Ceremony.

Dr. Joseph Carrier:

His photographs of Highlanders in South Vietnam taken during the war years 1962-1973.

Marlin Heise:

Brochures, flyers, posters, audio-visual materials concerning Cambodian and Hmong American populations in Minnesota and California; General Vang Pao timeline poster; copies of the Asian American Press and Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN) and news clippings.

Hoàng Huy Khánh & Nguyễn Tất Vịnh:

Their Vietnamese music CD, Thuở ấy xa rồi; and book of poetry by Hoàng Huy Khánh,  Chiều vương ý thơ.

Thanh Lan:

Her book of poetry, Tình Đầu.  Includes English and French selections.

Ysa Lê:

Programs and flyers for Cinema Symposium 3: From Script to Screen, April 23, 2006, UCLA; Điêu khắc gia Mai Chửng=Life & work of sculptor Mai Chửng (2005).

Asma Men:

Articles from Islamic Horizons: “Cham rediscover Islam,” (March/April 2002);

”A little bit of Champa in America,” (November/December 2005); “Bylaws of the International Office of Campa, United States of America branch.”

Người Việt News:

Đỗ Ngọc Yến giữa bạn bè: 53 tác gia (2006).

Hậu Chu Nguyễn:

His articles: “Tiếng Việt, tiếng nước tôi,” Đặc San Phố Hiền (2005); Phố Hiến: “Tiểu Tràng An” (2000?).

Jacqueline Nguyễn:

Bilingual edition of The way to freedom=Hứơng đến con đường giải thoắt, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama (1999).

Mark Pfeifer:

Hmong Cultural Center 2005 Annual Report, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Phan Bá Kỳ:

His 2006 book, Lực-Lượng Đặc-Biệt giữa những Tổ-Chức Chiến-Tranh Không-Quy-Ước.

Khampha Sidavong:

His Lao Lanexang dictionary, Lao-Pali-Sanskrit languages (2005) and Lao language book on Lao history.

Nam Văn Trần:

His book, Trong dòng cảm thức văn học miền nam: Phân Định thi ca hải ngoại (2006).

Quân Tụê Trần:

Ephemeral materials, the majority relating to the Vietnamese community in Orange County; Đặc san Chu Văn An Xuân Tân Tỵ 2001; Em là người Việt Nam, lớp 1, by Nguyễn Đình Sơn.

Daniel Tsang:

Online newspaper articles, including articles from Thanh Niên concerning overseas Vietnamese.

Rachel Võ:

Two women’s belts, examples of Hmong needlework from Sapa,Vietnam.

In this issue I would like to acknowledge and thank the publishers who have donated their magazines, journals, newspapers, and newsletters to the Southeast Asian Archive during the past year.  We are very grateful for their continuing support.

API Currents (API Youth Violence Center, Oakland, CA); Dân Chủ & Phát Triển (Hiệp Hội Dân Chủ và Phát Triển Việt Nam, Warstein, Germany); Đuốc Từ Bi (Hòa Hảo Buddhist Church, Santa Fe Springs, CA); Friends of the Vietnam Center (Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX); Hiệp Nhất (Santa Ana, CA); Hợp Lưu (Garden Grove, CA); Hmong Resource Center Newsletter (Saint Paul, MN); Hương Văn (Westminster), Mai Magazine (Westminster); Người Dân (Costa Mesa, CA); Thế Kỷ 21 (Garden Grove, CA); Thông Tin (Hannover, Germany); Văn Hóa (Lý Kiến Trúùc, Westminster, CA); Văn Học (Garden Grove, CA); Việt Nam Dân Chủ (Garden Grove, CA), Việt Weekly (Westminster, CA): Vietnam Pictorial (HCM City).

Sincere thanks to all our donors. Our apologies to anyone inadvertently not acknowledged here.