Recent Gifts

Galen Beery:

Three DVDs: A New Family in Town, a 1975 film produced by Church World service for refugee sponsor recruitment; The Boat People, a CBS “Sixty Minutes” program about the refugee camps in Malaysia; Secret War in Laos and On the Hmong and a Memorial, Steve Schofield

Mitchell I. Bonner:

Ephemeral materials from Lao, Hmong, Cambodian, and Vietnamese communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Minnesota, including flyers from Lao Buddhist temples, wedding invitations, newsletters. consumer brochures, New Year celebrations flyers; copies of 2006 AsianWeek and Tuần Báo Đờøi Mới, January 21, 2006.

Dr. Joseph Carrier:

Photographs and cassette tape of Viet Cong songs, performed by defectors at the Chieu Hoi Center in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam, March 1966.

Joseph Dovinh:

His Green plums: Collected poems in English and Vietnamese, 1985-2005, (2005); Blank verse: An anthology of Vietnamese new formalism poetry=Thơ không vần: Tuyển tâp tân mình thức, translated by J. Do Vinh, (2006).

Skye Fitzgerald:

DVD of his documentary film, Bombhunters, on the rural villagers in Cambodia who seek out and dismantle land- mines and other unexploded ordnance to sell the scrap metal for profit.

Ben Hamatake:

His Asian American Studies Senior Honor thesis: VieTACT: A model of youth organization in the Vietnamese American community (2006).

Anne Hoàng: Giấc Mo Viễt Nam, by Trần Trung Đạo;

ephemeral materials concerning Project Vietnam, Vietnamese Artistic Photography Association, The Cambodian Family, Inc., UCLA Vietnamese Student Union, UCLA Asian American “Lapu the Coyote that Cares Theatre Company,” popular and traditional Vietnamese music, including “Đoằn Văn Nghẹ Dân Tộc Lạc Hồng."

Robert R. Jones III: C

opies of 2006 issues of the Việt Weekly; photographs of Vietnamese American campaign signs in Little Saigon; DVD, Saint Anselm’s: 30 years of a center, first presented at their September 29, 2006 30th anniversary celebration.

Khẽ lêm:

Copy of Blank verse: An anthology of Vietnamese new formalism poetry=Thơ không vần: Tuyển tâp tân hình thức (2006).

Sylvia Komatsu:

The 1986 television documentary, Starting Over in America, produced by KERA Public TV in North Texas, which examined the lives of newly arrived Southeast Asian refugees in the “Little Asia” section of East Dallas.

Jean Libby:

The new 2006 edition of Hoa Địa Ngục, by Nguyễn Chí Thiện. For more information contact: Canh Nam Publishers,

Philip MacLeod:

Poster for the film, Journey from the Fall.

Nhi Thảo T. Nguyễn:

A poster presentation of her 2006 senior thesis in Asian American Studies: Shaping the ethnic identity of second-generation Vietnamese Americans: The role of the family and ethnic community in preserving cultural awareness.

Nguyễn Thiên Thụ:

His 4 volume book: Văn Học Hiện Đại (History of Vietnamese literature from 1945 to present), Canada, Gia Hôi, 2006.

Tracy Phạm:

Kỷ Yếu Trung Học Vũng Tàu, 1954-1975.

Dr. Phan Bá Kỳ:

His Giảm-thiểu nỗi đau: tâm-sự với đồng-bằo từng chịu đựng nhũng nỗi đau làm chấn-động lương-tâm nhân-loặi (2006).

Sharron Sue:

Sum and soul: Stories of resilience and change, from the Asian Community Mental Health Services (Oakland, 2004); Quietly Torn: A literary journal by young Iu Mien women living in Richmond, California (1999); California Southeast Asian mental health needs assessment, Asian Community Mental Health Services (Oakland, 1987); flyers concerning a reception for the completion of the Mien Needlework Group Project, “Healing Stitch by Stitch,”

Trần-Đức Minh:

His 2006 two volume work on the Vietnam War, Một thời nhiêu phương: 1945-1975.

Paul Trần:

Twelve Vietnamese language books and periodicals, ephemeral materials relating to the Orange County Vietnamese American community.

Tri Ngọc Trần:

His book of poems, Zenith of Poems, 2006. The poet was born in Vietnam, raised in England, and now lives in Orange County. He writes poetry in both English and Vietnamese.

Vivian Lê Trần:

Viet Weekly issues, 2003-2004; Người Đưa Tin=The Messenger Vietnamese Weekly (Ontario, CA), 1999-2000; Cộng Đồng Community News (VNCOC), v.7:2 (Sept. 1995); Non Sông, (UVSA of Southern California) v.47, 1992; Hy Vọng, (VSA of Orange Coast College), November 1995; Confrontations, crossings and convergence: Photographs of the Philippines and the United States, (UCLA, 1998); Executive order 9066: The internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans, by Maisie and Richard Conrat (UCLA, 1992)

Daniel Tsang:

Newspaper articles and ephemera concerning Vietnamese Americans and Vietnam.

Professor Caroline Kiều Linh Valverde:

Exhibition catalog for “Áo dài: a modern design coming of age,” a recent exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.

Professor Linda Võ:

Journal article: “Vietnamese manicurists: Are immigrants displacing natives or finding new nails to polish?,” by Maya N. Federman, David E. Harrington, & Kathy J. Krynski. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 59:2 (January 2006).

Linh Duy Võ:

Wall plaque with his poems and photograph concerning the Vietnam War Memorial; copies of the May 2006 issue of Downey Magazine, which features an article, “Linh Duy Võ: American poet,” and his photo on the cover.

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