Recent Gifts

Mitchell I. Bonner

Newspaper clippings, ephemera photos, selected 2005 issues of AsianWeek concerning Southeast Asian American communities in the San Francisco Bay area, with a focus on the Lao and Mien.

Tami Bùi

Copy of the April 2005 issue of BN (Bao Nha) Magazine.

John R. Campbell

His book, Are we winning? Are they winning?: A civilian advisor’s reflections on wartime Vietnam, (2004).

Darlene D. DeAngelo

The catalogs for Out of Context, an exhibit at the Huntington Beach Art Center (June 11-August 7, 2005) of contemporary art created by Vietnamese American and Vietnamese artists.

Cynthia Diep, D.D.S.

Poems and prose of Truyen-Hoa-Diep (2005).

Professor James Freeman

Materials concerning Hearts of Sorrow, including oral history notebooks, narrator’s agreement, and NEH grant proposal.

Hội Kết Đoàn (Vietnamese Americans United)

Five books of poetry, essays, short stories by Vietnamese Americans, ages 20-35 living in the Washington D.C. area: Tập chí Kết
Đoằn, 2-4; Hương thơ một cõi ru tình (2004), Cung ngữ (2001).

Robert R. Jones III

Materials relating to the 2005 NAVASA conference, Washington, D.C.;
U.S. Census 2000 reports and CDs; Vietnamese language newspapers from the Washington D.C. area, and Asian Fortune (July 2005); ORR
Resource development handbook (June 2004). photos from the opening of “A SEAA of Memories” exhibit and the May 2005 SEA Archive Advisory Board meeting; ephemera from the Vietnamese American community

La Toàn Vinh

A visit to Vietnam, by Madison Morrison, with illustrations by La Toàn Vinh, (2005).

Canh Viet Lê

18 books and periodicals, including issues of The Vietnam Forum, dictionaries, works about Vietnamese culture and history.

Lê Xuân Khoa

His book Việt Nam, 1945-1995: Tập I: Tị nan 1954 và Bài học Bốn Cuộc chiến (1945-1979); Vietnamese American NGO Directory, 2004-2005.

Thao Lê

Three articles from Crime & Delinquency, 51:2, April 2005: “Gender differences in Cambodian Delinquency: The role of ethnic identity, parental discipline, and peer delinquency,” by Charles G. Go & Thao N. Lê; “The relationship of school, parent, & peer contextual factors with self-reported delin-quency for Chinese, Cambodian, Laotian or Mien, and Vietnamese Youth,” by Thao N. Lê, et al; “Deporting Cambodian refugees: Justice denied?,” by Bill Ong Hing.

Gayle Morrison

Articles about the Hmong community from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, and about Lao food from the New York Times (2005); The people of South Vietnam: How they feel about the war, a CBS News Public Opinion Survey, 1967: 1980s newspaper articles about the Hmong in Montana.

Angela-Minhtu D. Nguyến

Her senior honor thesis, Vietnamese refugees and their American-born Vietnamese counterparts: Development of an instrument to measure biculturalism, self-determination, and perceived discrimination, University of San Diego, 2002.

Nguyễn Phúc Bửu Diên & Phạm Thị Hoàng Oanh

Part six of their continuing work, Quê Hương Hoài Niệm VI, 2003.

Nguyến Trần Tấn Dạt

His book of poetry, Nỗi lòng: Thó, 2005.

Thy Pech

Materials relating to the United Cambodian Students of America and the Cambodian Student Society at CSU Long Beach, C-HOPE, and Cambodian American rap artist, Prach Ly.

Thanong Sithisombath

Memories of gold, memories of silk, DVD, 2003. Concerns artist embroiderer Prince Nithakhong Somsanith.

Vinh Tô

UCI Vietnamese Student Association 2004 and 2005 Culture Night programs.

Hồng-Ân Trương

Southern Exposure: Journal of the Progressive South., vol 33:1-2 (Summer 2005): “East Meets South”: 150 years of Asian/Southern Intersections”

Daniel Tsang

Six journal articles about homosexuality and AIDS in Vietnam and in Southern California; newspaper articles concerning hurricane Katrina and other events concerning Southeast Asia and Southeast Asian American communities.

Professor Linda Trinh Võ

ặc San Hiệp Hội Don Bosco, Kỷ Niệm 10 Năm, 1995-2005; “Staying Vietnamese: Community and place in Orange County and Boston,” by Karin Aguilar San Juan, City & Community 4:1, March 2005.

Phu H. Võ

His books of poetry and short stories: Có những niềm riêng (2005), Văn học
thời nay (2004), Những phương trời nhớ (2004),Tưởng như đã mất (2003), Đặc san đồng tâm, quyển 1 (2005), and Thơ Y-Thy Rằng ta đang yêu (2001).

Dr. Son Kim Võ

500 30”x20” bilingual posters illustrating Vietnamese culture and the origin of the Vietnamese language, Kho tàng văn hoá Việt Nam=Treasure of Vietnamese culture, by Dr. Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng, Researcher and Doctor in History, Vietnam, translated from Technique du peuple annamite, by Henri Oger; materials relating to the CSUF exhibit, A Long Journey of Courage; ephemera relating to the Vietnamese American community.

Trin Yarborough

Her book, Surviving twice: Amerasian children of the Vietnam War, 2005.

Thanks to all our donors, and apologies to anyone inadvertently not acknowledged here.