Recent Gifts

Frederick J. Baker & Rosalie Giacchino-Baker:

Their article, “Lower secondary school curriculum development in Vietnam,� The Cal Poly Pomona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Fall 2003.

Dr. Joseph Carrier:

2002 & 2004 desk calendars from Vietnam ; Gerald Cannon Hickey Reader, 5 books on CD; Arts and handicrafts of Viet Nam, 1992.

Carol Chai:

Books on Buddhism: six Vietnamese language and five English titles.

Mai Coâng:

Vietnamese Community of Orange County, Inc. Coäng Ñoàng Community News, January-June, 2004 issues.

Chris Daly:

His 2004 manuscript: Inside the long Chinese box: An oral history of occupied Viet Nam, A.D. 43 to A.D. 1000 . The second part of a history of Viet Nam from the earliest times to the present.

Peter A. Geniesse:

His book, Cuc, Flower of the Delta: A Viet Kieu Odyssey, iUniverse, 2004; $21.95. To order a copy, or for more information contact the author at or the publisher at

Anh Thu Hoaøng:

CD with photos, program, and newspaper articles for “The Legendary Zither� concert, sponsored by the Mosaic Cultural Encounter, CSU Long Beach, June 6, 2004; program, newspaper articles, and CD with radio interviews for the UCI VSA Culture Night 2004, “The Dumpling Effect�; poster for “Paris by Night� March 27, 2004 concert in Long Beach; program & other materials for the North American Vietnamese Student Association conference (NAVSA, July 2-5, Boston; ephemera relating to the Orange County Vietnamese community.

Dr. Haivan Hoaøng:

Her Ph.D. dissertation, “To come together and create a movement�: Solidar-ity rhetoric in the Vietnamese American Coali-tion (VAC), Ohio State University, 2004 (VAC is a student organization at UCI).

Mr. Hoaøng Tong:

Chuyeän ngöôøi voâ tuø caûi taïo, Vieãn Ñoâng, 2004.

Höôùng Döông TxD:

His 2004 book; Veà moät cuoäc ra ñi:Hoài kyù cuûa moät ngöôøi bò buoäc phaûi boû nöôùc ra ñi.

Leâ Vaên Khoa:

Nguyeãn Baù Laêng’s book on Vietnamese Buddhist architecture, Kieán truùc Giaùo Vieät Nam., Paris, 2001.

Tony Laâm:

An offprint of his article, “Breaking down the walls: My journey from a refugee camp to the Westminster City Council,� from the UCLA Asian Pacific American Law Journal, vol. 8:1, Spring 2002.

Bill Landis:

"A picture is worth 5000 years: Cy Thao translates Hmong oral tradition to the canvas,� The Rake, May 2004 ( Minneapolis, MN).

Dr. Leâ Thanh Binh:

His 1995 book, Vieät Nam To Quoác mená yeâu; Theàm hoang, by Nhaät Tieán (2003); Thô, hai möôi naêm, by Phaïm Quoác Baûo (2002); Cöûu long caïn doøng bieån ñoâng daäy soùng, by Ngoâ Theá Vinh (2000); Ñi veà nôi hoang daõ, by Nhaät Tuaán (2001); Quaùn ven soâng, by Hoaøng Khôûi Phong (2001); Heøn Ñaïi Nhaân, by Leâ Ñaït (2001); Gia ñình vaø ñòa vò ngöôøi phuï nöõ trong xaõ hoäi: caùch nhìn töø Vieät Nam vaø Hoa Ky ø(1995).

Phuong N. Leâ:

His M.A. thesis, The effect of acculturation on dialectical thinking, California State University, Long Beach, 2002.

Sinh Quang Leâ:

Cuïm hoa tình yeâu=Flowers of love, vol. 9, Vietnamese International Poetry Society, 2004.

Tien Quang Leâ:

The road to freedom: Crossing the 17 th parallel, by Vo Hiep, 2003.

Nhi Lieu:

2003 syllabus for her “Vietnamese in America � seminar at Northwestern University ; three student papers: “Searching for the ‘Bigger Family’ and a better life in the ’Fatherland’: The Amerasians of Vietnam,� by Rosa Nguyen; “The Vietnamese in America : Two case studies in the formation of identity,� by Antoinette Nguyen; “Contemporary formations of youth identity: Buïi Ñôøi as a model for life and imitation,� by Elson Huang.

Gayle Morrison:

Materials concerning Hmong people in California, Minnesota, and North Carolina, including newspaper clippings, magazines, Hmong New Year announcements, newsletters, brochures, calendars, business directories; Songs of self: A study of identity in Hmong music, by M. Megan McNamer, M.A. thesis, University of Washington, 1986; The Little weaver of Thai-Yen village, by Traàn- Khaùnh-Tuyeát, 1986; U.S. Committee for Refugees 1986 Issueï papers; Living tapestries: Folk tales of the Hmong, by Charles H. Numrich, 1990; Between two worlds, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 2002 Annual Report (credit availability for the Hmong community).

Sue Mote:

Materials relating to Hmong people, including 12 books, photocopy of Hmong recipie cook book, 1985; Hmong language instruction materials; Lions of the mountains, by Stuvy Yang, B.A. project, Toccoa Falls College, 1990; catalog for “Stitching Together a New Life: Hmong & Mien Textile Art,� San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, 2002; brochure: “Hmong: Sharing Our Proud Tradition,� Sacramento, 1994; Paj Ntaub Voice, vol. 7:1-2; “shaman healing� audio cassette; Tou Yer Xiong video.

Dr. Nguyeãn Ñöùc Nguyeân:

Two boxes of periodicals, conference papers, books, journal articles, ephemera relating to Vietnamese overseas medical associations, alumni associations, history, literature, and culture.

Nguyeãn Huyønh Mai:

Five books on Hoøa-Haûo Buddhism: Nguyeãn Vaên Haàn, Nöûa thaùng trong mieàn Thaát Sôn, 1999, and Thaát sôn maàu nhieäm, 2000; Böûu-Sôn Kyø-Höông, 1997, & Taän theá vaø hoäi Long Hoa, 1998; Phaät-giaùo Hoøa-Haûo yeáu löôïc, 2000; six cassette tapes: Saám giaûng thi vaên giaùo-Lyù.

Dr. Mark Pfeifer:

Hmong 2000 census publication: Data and analysis. A publication of Hmong National Development, Inc. and the Hmong Cultural and Resource Center, 2004; print version of Hmong Studies Journal, vol. 4.

Phan Nhieân Haïo:

His 2004 book of poetry: cheá taïo thô ca 99-04: thô.

Thy Pech:

Ephemera relating to Cambodian American organizations, including C-HOPE materials; programs for cultural shows and other materials from Cambodian student organizations at CSU San Diego, CSU Long Beach, UCLA, & UC Irvine; CSU Long Beach Cambodian Student Society 2004 culture show DVD; program for the First Presentation Forum on Contemporary Cambodian American Research, CSU Long Beach, July 24, 2004; letter to President Clinton from the Cambodia Border Committee, FL; newspaper articles on rapper praCha.

Prany Sananikone:

articles concerning Cambodian Americans and Cambodia from the Long Beach Press Telegram.

 Southeast Asia Resource Action Center :

Seventeen boxes of additional materials containing SEARAC reports, technical proposals, and publications; journal articles, periodicals, government publications, materials on Southeast Asian communities, refugees and refugee camps, mutual assistance associations, voluntary organizations, etc.; its 2004 publication, Southeast Asian American statistical profile.

Chi Traàn:

Her paper for Political Science 156CW, Summer 2004: “The Vietnamese Ameri-can community’s interpretation & practice of freedom of speech through the Hi-Tek incident.�

Paul Traàn:

Materials relating to the William Joiner Center lawsuit: two CDs and the Vietnamese American Community of Virginia, Maryland and D.C. “Reception Packag�for July 18, 2004 reception announcing legal action; Truyeàn Thoâng Communications, no. 2 (February 2002) & no. 11(Spring 2004); issues of ñònh höôùng, no. 39 (2004); Taäp San Y Só , no. 162 (July 2004); Chieán Só Quoác Gia, no. 20 (June 2004); invitations to Orange County Vietnamese American community events .

Diep Traàn:

Issues ofAsian American publications, including PacTies (1993-1996, UCLA), Pacific Winds (1993, Claremont Colleges), Yellow Pages (1995, UC San Diego), ACT (1992, UC Riverside), Slant (1995, UC Berkeley), The Asian Voice (1994, University of Maryland ), Pacific Islander & Asian Youth (1997, Los Angeles ), asiam (1998, New York City ), Pacific Asian Current (1999, Walnut, CA).

Quaân Tueä Traàn:

Wedding banquet menus from local Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants.

Trangñaøi Traànguyeãn:

Her 2004 poetry publications: nhöõng ñieàu troâng thaáây=of things i’ve seen, and Songs for a boat father=Thuyeàn nhaân khuùc cho Ba; books, periodicals, ephemera, CDs, videos, DVDs concerning Vietnamese American refugees, Catholicism, youth groups, art and literature, community events; includes Chuyeïân keå Haønh Trình Bieàn Ñoâng, 10 CD set of stories of boat people; Perspective of art, CD by Vuõ Tuaán Trung; The Friendship Village: A documentary film, by Michelle Mason.

Professor Linda Trinh Voõ:

Her article with Mary Yu Danico, “The formation of post-suburban communities: Koreatown and Little Saigon,� International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, vol. 24:7/8, 2004; The Museum of California, vol. 28:3 (Summer 2004) which contains articles on the Oakland Museum’s new exhibition, “What’s going on? California and the Vietnam era;� “Diner’s club,� article on food critic C. Thi Nguyen, Los Angeles, Sept. 2004.

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