Recent Gifts

Mariam Beevi & James Lam:

Program for "East Coast/West Coast: Vietnamese American writers, poets and performers," San Francisco State University, March 2, 2001; The Yellow Journal, 12:2 (Spring 2001, Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco State University); SFSU Asian American Studies Department 2001 brochure.

Mitchell Bonner:

Flyers, invitations, newspaper articles, brochures and other ephemera relating to community and social activities of Southeast Asian communities (mainly Laotian American) in the San Francisco Bay Area; photographs of Lao Khmu New Year 2001, Lao baci ceremony, Lao ceremony for spirits of the dead, and other events; article about Iu-Mien teenage shaman in SF Weekly, "The Shaman's apprentice," by Bernice Yeung (Sept. 5-11, 2001); various 2001-2002 issues of AsianWeek.

Chiayu Chang:

A rainbow of homeowners: Diverse ethnic groups share in the rising tide of ownership, by Jennifer Hieger, et al. Orange County Home (June 2002)

Him Chhim:

Victims and perpetrators? Testimony of young Khmer Rouge comrades, by Meng-Try Ea & Sorya Sim (Phnom Penh: Documentation Center of Cambodia, P.O. Box 1110, 2001);;
C-HOPE & Prany Sananikone:
2001 C-HOPE calendar.

Kay Collins:

Indochina Refugee Resettlement Program: Study mission report of minority counsel prepared for the use of the Subcommittee to Investigate Problems Connected with Refugees and Escapees of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, July 8, 1975.

Tho Tho Dang:

Her book: Phong trien lam mua dong: Tap truyen. (Los Angeles: Van Moi, 2002).

Steven Doi:

Vietnamese and English language magazines, journals, newsletters, and news- papers, 1981-1990, from California, Texas, Washington, Arizona, Minnesota, Louisiana, Australia, Canada, and Germany relating to Vietnamese overseas communities, and Asian/Southeast Asian studies

Carolyn Hatton:

Her children's book about Vietnamese French children growing up in Paris, Vero and Philippe (Chicago: Cricket Books, 2001).

Jonathan Haughton:

Living standards during an economic boom: The case of Vietnam, ed. by Dominique Haughton, Jonathan Haughton & Nguyen Phong (Hanoi: Statistical Publishing House, 2001).

Robert R. Jones III:

Various ephemeral materials relating to activities of Southeast Asian Americans in Southern California, including the 2002 United Cambodian Students' annual Culture Show at UCLA, Cambodian Buddhist Society of San Diego New Year celebration, Vietnamese Catholic Center 1996 booklet; Rithy Panh, French Cambodian filmmaker, retrospective at Scripps College; the May 2002 Pham Duy tribute.

Professor Ketu Katrak:

Brochures about the Hmong National Development, Inc. and the 2002 Hmong National Youth Leadership Summit.

Buu Dien Phuc Nguyen & Thi Hoang Oanh Pham:

Their books, Que Huong Hoai Niem I & II, 2001.

Elizabeth Nguyen:

Her Human Biology Honors Thesis, Who runs the household? A comparison study of the effects of acculturation on gender role attitudes and practices in Vietnamese and Vietnamese American households, Stanford University, June 2002.

Hung Nguyen:

A cultural guide to refugees and immigrants in California, a publication by the San Diego Police Department and Partners in our Community, 2002?

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Vietnamese language Buddhist periodicals: Tuan Bao Giac Ngo, nos. 92-103 (Oct. 2001-Jan. 2002); Nguyet San Giac Ngo, no. 68 (Nov. 2001).

Tu-Uyen Nguyen:

Materials relating to Project Ngoc activities, including reports, flyers, brochures, and correspondence; materials relating to Southeast Asian refugees in general, including government reports, magazine & newspaper articles, camp newsletters, Orderly Departure Program information

Nhu-Ngoc T. Ong:

Programs for "A Music Program Introducing Hoang Viet Khanh Songs Collection," sponsored by the Mosaic Cultural Encounter, March 10, 2002, CSU Fullerton; and "Reproducing Gender in Contemporary Vietnam & Diasporic Spaces" conference, UCLA, April 12-13, 2002; flyer for May 4, 2002 "Mother- hood" event at CSU Fullerton, featuring an art exhibit by Nguyen Thi Hop & Nguyen Dong and poetry by Trangdai Tranguyen; Viet Anh Club photography exhibition brochure, April 13-14, 2002, Santa Ana; Thai women in Buddhism, by Chatsumarm Kabilsingh (Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1991).

Dr. Mark E. Pfeifer:

U.S. census 2000:Trends in Hmong population distribution across the regions of the United States (St. Paul: Hmong Cultural Center, 2001)

Kate Khanh Pham:

Her senior thesis, (Re) constructing histories, (Re) presenting identity: Anti-Communism in the Vietnamese American community. Lewis and Clark College, 2001.

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radio logs and cassette tapes of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, January & February 2001.

Megan Tanaka:

Her paper: Does freedom of speech trump the imperative to remember? The 1999 Little Saigon protest, American Studies 502T, Spring 2001, CSU Fullerton.

Thua Phong:

Bang Tho #6, audio cassette of poetry presented by vocalists and musicians in Viet Nam, 1999.

Van Nghe Publishers:

Their 2002 publications: Huyet tuyet:10 truyen va 10 chuyen, by Vo Dinh; Song tu truong II, by Thuy Khue; Van hoc hien dai va hau hien dai qua thuc tien sang tac va goc nhin ly thuyet, by Hoang Ngoc-Tuan.

Teri Shaffer Yamada:

Virtual lotus: Modern fiction of Southeast Asia, edited by Teri Shaffer Yamada. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2002).

There are a number of publishers of magazines, journals, and newsletters who donate their publications to the Southeast Asian Archive on a regular basis. A big "Thank You" goes to the donors of the following titles: Bach Hop (Vietnamese Professionals Society, Carmichael, CA); The Bridge (SEARAC, Washington, D.C.); Dan Chu & Phat Trien (Hiep Hoi Dan Chu & Phat Trien Viet Nam, Warstein, Germany); Duoc Tu Bi (Hoa Hao Buddhist Church, Santa Fe Springs, CA); Hiep Nhat (Santa Ana, CA); Hop Luu (Garden Grove, CA); Huong Van (Tran Si Lam, Westminster, CA); Indochina Chronology (The Vietnam Center, Lubbock, TX); Newsletter of the Hmong Cultural Center Resource Center (St. Paul, MN); Nguoi Dan (Costa Mesa, CA); Nguoi Viet Weekly English Section (Westminster, CA); Satjadham and Lao Vision; Suu Tam; Ban Tin Nguoi Viet Hai Ngoai (Nguyen Xuan Son, Fairport,NY); Thailand Monitor (Institute of Asian Studies, Chula- longkorn University Bangkok); Van (San Jose, CA); Van Hoa (Ly Kien Truc, Westminster, CA); Van Hoc (Garden Grove, CA); Viet Nam Dan Chu (Garden Grove, CA)

Sincere thanks to all our donors. Our apologies to anyone inadvertently not acknowledged here.