Recent Gifts

S. Megan Berthold:

Her article :"War traumas and community violence: Psychological, behavioral, and academic outcomes among Khmer refugee adolescents." Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Multicultural Social Work, vol.8:1-2, 2000; and Violence: Diverse populations and communities, Eds. D. de Anda & R.M. Becerra, Haworth Press, 2000.

Dr. Joseph Carrier:

Materials from the 1960s relating to the Republic of Vietnam and the U.S. in Vietnam; Laos: Country study and station report, Dept. of Defense, 1959; Vietnamese questionnaire, executive summary, notes, & correspondence from the 1991 San Francisco AIDS survey.

Carol Chai:

Three books from the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive (Mahayana Buddhism): Virtue and reality (1998), Becoming your own therapist (1998), Make your mind an ocean (1999).

Yen Do:

Nguoi Viet Giai Pham Xuan Tan Ty, 2001.

Professor Dorothy Fujita Rony:

Two dolls made by hilltribe people of Thailand representing the Hmong and the Lisu people.

Gayle Morrison:

Hmong American Residence & Business Directory, Minnesota/Wisconsin ed., 1997-2001; 1999-2000 issues of the Hmong Tribune (St. Paul, MN); Indochinese Refugee Action Center special report: A Description and Directory of National Organizations and People Involved in the Processing and Resettlement of Indochinese Refugees in America (October 1979); newspaper articles, brochures and pamphlets.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Nguyet San Giac Ngo (nos. 52-55, July-October 2000); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo (nos. 23-40, July-November, 2000); Hoa Sen (no. 4, November 2000).

Lam Nguyen:

His book, Kienando Kungfu (2000).

Professor Nguyen Ba Lang:

His books, Tranh ve kien truc va sinh hoat co truyen Viet Nam=Dessins des architures & scenes de vie traditionnelles du Vietnam (Paris 2000); and Kien truc phat giao Vietnam, vol. 2 (Paris, 2001).

Mai Nguyen:

Her anthology of short stories, Giot buon tren que huong (2000); and book of poetry Nhung doa hoa tim (2000?).

Peter Nguyen:

Brochure for the Little Saigon Tet Parade 2001.

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, October-December 1999.

Tony Le Nguyen:

Two programs for his 1995 Vietnamese Australian play, Chay vong vong=Running in circles; Australian newspaper and magazine articles concerning his productions and projects; video, Worlds Apart, concerning family conflict in a Vietnamese Australian family.

Dr. Pham Cao Duong:

Cao Dai: A religious movement of Vietnam, CSU Fullerton M.A. thesis by Robert Nghiem Nguyen, 1999.

James I. Ridgeway:

Materials relating to refugee resettlement in the 1980s and the early 1990s, with a focus on the Houston, Texas area; list of "Evacuees from Indo-China," [arriving at Camp Pendleton] November 6, 1975.

Prany Sananikone:

Flyers and publications from the Bach Viet Association, Sacramento: A view from two worlds: The 1999 Bach Viet photography contest and exhibition CSU Sacramento; The 1996 Bach Viet photography contest and exhibition, Sacramento City College; M.A.A. Quarterly Magazine, 4:1 (September 30, 2000). Tieng Vang Magazine, no. 14 (June 16, 2000) & no. 21 (October 10, 2000).


Southeast Asian American Mutual Assistance Directory, 2000. (Copies are available for $15 from SEARAC, 1628 16th St., NW, 3rd floor, Washington, DC 2009-3099;

Thanong Sithisombath:

Siengkhaen Magazine, no. 58 (July -September 1999 & no. 61 (July-August 2000); Paxasinh Lao Magazine, no. 33 (February-March 2000).

Daniel Tsang:

His paper for the 2000 AAAS conference: "Reflections on the Little Saigon protests: Uncovering a progressive past & present;" his essay: "Serve the people? Challenges in Little Saigon." In Fred Ho, et al (Eds.), Legacy to liberation: Politics and culture of revolutionary Asian Pacific America, Big Red Media, 2000; newspaper and magazine articles concerning Southeast Asian Americans.

Van Nghe Publishers:

2000 publications: Chien tranh Dong Duong 3 (Hoang Dung); Nhan dien chan dung nha van (Ly Hoang Xuan); Cuu Long can dong bien Dong day song (Ngo The Vinh); Van hoc Viet Nam tu diem nhin hien dai (Nguyen Hong Quoc); Khung reu (Nguyen Thi Thuy Vu); Van hoc va thoi gian (Nguyen Vy Khanh); Doi moi, niem vui chua tron (Tran Do); Tram tu (Vo Hong); Binh Bien 11-11-1960 (Vuong Van Dong).

Viet Chi Nhan:

ten audiocassettes of his poetry, with accompanying Vietnamese language text.

Vietnamese National Institute of Administration Association:

Their publication, Hoai Bao Que Huong, no. 4 & 5 (March & October 2000).

Linda Trinh Vo:

journal article: "Domestic violence in the Vietnamese immigrant community: An exploratory study," by Hoan N. Bui and Merry Morash. Violence Against Women, 5:7 (July 1999).

Catherine Vu:

Vu Thuy Hoang's work: Sai Gon tuyet trang: Viet Nam, thang 4, 1975, 2000.

Teri Shaffer Yamada:

Her conference papers: Nostalgia and collective memory: The formation and history of Cambodian culture in Long Beach, California,1958-1996 (1996); Aids in Cambodia/Long Beach (1998); Buddhism and healing: Cambodians in Long Beach, California (1998); The spirit cult of Klang Moeung in Long Beach, California (1998); Problematics of contemporary Khmer literature in English with transnational implications (1996); The popular culture of song in contemporary Cambodia (with Vuth Reth, 1997); Sita's sorrow: The tragic tale of the perfect wife-mother.

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