Recent Gifts

Karin Aguilar-San Juan:

Her Ph.D. dissertation, Creating ethnic places: Vietnamese American community-building in Orange County and Boston, Brown University, 2000.

Professor Rosalie Giacchino Baker:

Four of her articles: "Linking international research to American public school needs: An educational project in the Lao People's Democratic Republic." Phi Beta Delta International Review, 7 (Spring 1997); "Peanut butter and mango trees: Teacher education in the Lao People's Democratic Republic." International Education 1 (Fall 1996); "A tale of two bridges: Educational reform in the Lao People's Democratic Republic." International Journal of Educational Reform 3:4 (Oct. 1994); Learning about students from unfamiliar cultures." Proceedings of the National Association for Multicultural Education, 5th Annual Conference, Feb. 15-19, 1995, Washington. D.C.

Mitchell Bonner:

Ephemera, periodicals, photos, newspaper articles pertaining to Southeast Asian communities in Northern California, including materials about Iu-Mien organizations, photos of Lao New Year 2000 at the Richmond City Hall, Paxasinh Lao Magazine (no. 35, July 1, 2000)' Anachack Lao News (2000), Dac San Xuan Tan Tỵ 2001 (San Francisco), selected issues of AsianWeek (2000-2001)

Dr. Chris Collet:

Copies of Viet Mercury (nos. 77-79, July 2000; 109, 111-113, 115-116, Feb.-April 2001) .

Doan Thanh Liem:

His Tho trong tu=Poems from prison (Spring 2000).

Lloyd T. Duong:

His bilingual book, The boat people: Imprints on history=Thuyen nhan: An tich lịch su. (Boston, Toronto, 2000). [Copies are available for $25U.S, $35/CAN per volume + $5 overseas delivery; Lloyd Duong Attorneys Atrium, 2377 Dundas St. West, Toronto, Ontario M6P 1W7 Canada; DoungThanhLọi@Dị].


Two books of poetry: Dao ben song trang trang, and Tieng tho hai ngoại.

Huynh Van Lang:

His works: Co bac: mot chuong hoi-ky va vai đoan ve nghe-thuat (1998); Chuyen duong rung: mot chuong hoi ky (1999); Nhan chung mot che do: mot chuong hoi ky (2000?).

Professor Ketu Katrak:

Materials from the Committee against Anti-Asian Violence (CAAV); article from the Radcliffe News, "Exhibition offers glimpse into Cambodian courage, culture," by Lilli Leggio, which concerns the Cambodian American Oral History Project at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.

Dr. Van Le:

Publications relating to education, refugees, and Southeast Asian Americans, including copies of Refugee Reports (1989-2000) NAVAE and NAFEA newsletters (1987-1999), Nguoi Viet Tu Do (1997-2000), World Refugee Survey (1987,1997-2000); Vietnam Digest (1979); Le Hoa: Dac San Mua Xuan 2000, From Vietnamese to Vietnamese American, by Kim Nguyen Tu (CSU Sacramento M.A. thesis, 1989).

Professor Glen Mimura:

Materials relating to the exhibit, "Indochina: The Art of War," (CSU Los Angeles, 17 March-28 April 2001)

Gayle Morrison:

Copies of the Sept. 10-12, & Dec. 31,2000 Sacramento Bee series on the Hmong: "Orphans of history"; Hmong Times (March 16, 2001); 1987 Fresno Hmong New Year poster; flyers and brochures relating to the Hmong American community and the 2001 Hmong Development Conference.

Sue Mote:

Video, Tieng cuoi Cali, featuring Bao Liem, My Huyen, Ngoc Anh, and Van Son.

Nguoi Dan Publishers:

2000 publications: Nghi quan Viet quanh: tap luan (Hoang Hon); Di vang: truyen ky (Si Quoc); Cong san dang lung lung tro lai (Dai Duong).

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, January-March 2000.

Nguyen Hung Cuong:

Dac-San Xuan 2001-Tan Ty, published by the Vietnamese Senior Citizens Association, Washington, D.C. area.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Nguyet San Giac Ngo (nos. 56-58, Nov. 2000-Jan. 2001); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo (nos. 41-56, Sept. 2000-Jan. 2001).

Tu-Uyen Nguyen:

Articles and documents concerning Vietnamese boat people and the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of Action (CPA).

Dr. Pham Van Hai:

Six numbers in the series, Folktales of Vietnam.

Sok Rim:

Program for the CSU Long Beach Cambodian Student Society's "17th Annual Cambodian Culture Show," April 8, 2001; program for the CSU Fullerton Cambodian Students Association "Khmer New Year Show 2001."

Sophy Sam:

Tapes and scripts of two plays, The Dead Accuse and Prisoners; Proleung Khmer (UCLA, 1997); program for Cambodian Beauty Pageant 2000 (Long Beach); C-HOPE monthly calendar B.E. 2545; posters & flyers relating to the Cambodian American community.

Van Nghe Publishers:

2000 publications: Be ban gan xa: but ky (Phan Lac Phuc), and Suoi nho em diu kich (Nguyen Huy Thiep).

Professor Linda Trinh Vo:

Proceedings from the International Committee for a Free Vietnam World Seminar and Vietnamese Political World Conferences, 1996 & 1997; journal article: "Inside Vietnam today," by Andrew Pierre. Foreign Affairs 79:6 (Nov.-Dec. 2000).

Linh Duy Vo:

His book of poetry, To America, Love and Gratitude (2000); Offerings at the Wall: Artifacts from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection (1995); postcards and newspaper articles concerning his work.

Jack Willoughby:

Distorted mirror: Southeast Asian criminality in the United States, 3rd ed., by Jack Willoughby, Ken Sanz, & Pete Francisco, 2000. (Copies are available for $30 from S.M & C Sciences, Inc., 13938 Egret Lane, Clearwater, FL 33642; (727) 573-9747;

Teri Shaffer Yamada:

copy of the April 19, 2001 "Visiting with Huel Howser" KCET documentary on the Long Beach Cambodian community.

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