Recent Gifts

Professor Chris Collett:

Coi nguon bat an=Roots of unrest, by Phan Tran Hieu, Orange County Register, 1999.

Hoang Hieu:

His work: Truyen ngan viec dai. Thu Hai, 1999.

Minh Giang:

Documents, periodicals and videos concerning the Government of Free Vietnam organization, based in Garden Grove, California;

Le Tan Huynh:

Copy of Van hoa Viet Nam, by Le Thai At, 1999.

Nguyen Hung Cuong:

Dac San Xuan 2000: Canh Thin, published by the Vietnamese Senior Citizens Association, Washington D.C. area.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Vietnamese Buddhist and Catholic periodicals: Duc Me, no. 162 (January 2000); Nguyet San Giac Ngo, nos. 44-45 (November-December 1999); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo, nos. 188-197 (June 1999-January 6, 2000).

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, January-March 1999.

Nguyen Van Ty:

His (Phung Nghi) works: Sai Gon trong mat toi, Van Nghe, 1997; 100 nam phat trien tieng Viet, Vaên Ngheä, 1999.

Nguyen Xuan Son:

Issues 7-9 (July 1999-March 2000) of the newsletter, Suu-tam: Ban tin nguoi Viet hai ngoai. Pacific Ties (UCLA): February 2000 issue.

Thanh Pham:

Chi Linh, no. 196 (Feb. 3, 2000); Hoan Viet, nos. 179,183,185 (Aug., Dec. 1998, Feb. 1999); Thoi Bao, nos. 447, 449-451 (Jan.-Feb. 2000); Thôi Luan, Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2000.

Vu Hoang Pham:

His paper on Vietnamese students in America before 1975.

Howie Phan:

The Literary Review: An International Journal of Contemporary Writing, vol. 43:2 (Winter 2000). This issue features Vietnamese poems and stories and contains five of his poems, translated into English.

Stephen Sherman:

Clippings concerning Southeast Asian refugees from 1970s and 1980s newspapers, including the Boston Globe, Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, New York Times, Straits Times, and Sunday Nation.

Dr. Tran So Lam:

Huong Van (no. 10, summer 2000); his book of short stories, Ao anh cuoc doi (Dong Van, 2000).

Van Nghe Publishers:

1999-2000 publications: Nguyen Minh Can, Chuyen nuoc non; Duong Nhu Nguyen, Mui huong que; Huynh Huu Uy, May neo duong cua nghe thuat va chu nghia; J.-F. Revel & M. Ricard, Tang si va triet gia, tr. by Linh Thuy.

We are very grateful to the following publishers who have been contributing their periodicals to the Southeast Asian Archive on a continuous basis: Duoc Tu Bi, Hôp Luu, Human Rights/Nhan Quyen/ Droite de L'Homme, Huong Van, Lao Vision, Nguoi Dan, Non Song, Van, Van Hoa, Van Hoc, Viet Nam Dan Chu, Vietnam Democracy.

Our apologies to donors inadvertently not listed; we truly appreciate your support.