Recent Gifts

Mitchell Bonner:

Periodical and ephemeral material, including programs, posters and photographs pertaining to the Lao, Iu Mien and Cambodian New Year celebrations in the San Francisco Bay Area; articles concerning the Ho Chi Minh portraits exhibition in Oakland, the "Vietnam 25 year later" series from the San Francisco Chronicle (April 23-30, 2000).

Christian Collet:

His paper for the 2000 AAAS conference: "The determinants of Vietnamese American political participation: Findings from the January 2000 Orange County Register poll."

Rene Dursky:

Her paper for Chapman University Spring 2000 Senior Sociology seminar: "The ways America has changed the Vietnamese American family and why that has led youth to join gangs."

Sophal Ear:

His 1995 UC Berkeley undergraduate political science honors thesis: The Khmer Rouge Canon, 1975-1979: The standard total academic view on Cambodia; and the revised version of his economics undergraduate thesis: Cambodia's economic development in historical perspective: A contribution to the study of Cambodia's economy, 1995.

Mary Ann Foo:

Her story, her struggle: Khmer American women and girls' oral history project, (Asian and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health, 2000); transcripts of interviews with Mr. Minh Luong and Mr. Huy Tran, part of OCAPICA's "Friendship Across Cultures" Project.

Hiep Hoi Dan Chu va Phat Trien Viet Nam (Warstein Germany):

March and June 2000 (so 17 & 18) issues of Dan Chu & Phat Trien.

Hoang Duy:

His book of poetry, Dao ben song tran, (Nguon Song, 1999); and two poetry anthologies, Tieng tho hai ngoai, (Tri Thuc Xuat Ban, 2000); Tuyen tap tho mua tinh yeu, (Co Thom Xuan 2000).

Robert R. Jones:

Satjadham: A Lao literary project, vol. 4: "Values, voices, visions," (2000).


His latest book of poetry, The river of poetry, (2000).

Nguyen Ngoc Bich:

Radiologs and cassette recordings of Radio Free Asia Vietnamese broadcasts, April-September 1999.

Khuong X. Nguyen:

Vietnamese Buddhist periodicals: Hoa Sen, no. 40 (May 2000); Nguyet San Giac Ngo, nos. 50-51 (May-June 2000); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo, nos. 12-20 (April 20-June 15, 2000).

Nguyen Van Luc:

His Vietnamese poetry anthology: Nhung bai tho hay (2000).

Phuc-An Pho Nguyen:

Her memoir, Striving to fulfill my destiny, (2000).

Nguyen Xuan Son:

Suu-Tam: Ban Tin Nguoi Viet Hai Ngoai=Overseas Vietnamese Collectors Newsletter, nos 10-11 (July/September 2000).

Tri Nguyen:

Bamboo & butterflies: From refugee to citizen, by Joan D. Criddle (1992).

Le-Huong Pham:

CD-Rom: Co so du lieu luat Viet Nam. Lawdata. Ha Noi 2000.

Pham Thi Quang Ninh:

Her memoir, Cung nhau troi noi, 1999.

Vu Hong Pham:

His paper for the 2000 AAAS conference: "Beyond and before the boat people: Toward a Vietnamese American history before 1975."

Toon S. Phapphayboun:

Copy of Mother's beloved: Stories from Laos, by Outhine Bounyavong, (Univ. of Washington, 1999).

Prany Sananikone:

Satjadham: A Lao literary project, vol. 4, "Values, voices, visions," (2000).

Dickran & Ann Tashjian:

1984 boat people benefit poster, Anaheim, California.

Yer J. Thao:

His M.A. thesis, Multicultural learning environment for Mong children in the California North Coast: Home and school collaboration (CSU Monterey, 1999); five titles used in the Hmong bilingual program in the Eureka (CA) schools; newspaper clippings from the Times-Standard (Eureka); queej (musical instrument) from Laos.

Nancy Tran:

Tho Nguyen Sa toan tap, ( Doi, 1999); compact discs: Thang Sau troi mua, Ao Lua ha dong, Vu Khanh 3: Tinh khuc Ngo Thuy Mien & Tran Thien Thanh.

Viet Nam California Radio:

Ky Yeu Mua He

Vietnamese World Christian Fellowship:

On the cruel edges of the world: The untold story of the persecution of Christians among Vietnam's minority peoples, (Bangkok: Religious Liberty Commission, World Evangelical Fellowship, 1999).

Vang Pobzeb:

Publications from the Lao Human Rights Council: Report on the second fact finding mission to Thailand and Laos, June 5-July 3, 2000; Promotion of international criminal court in Asia (2000); correspondence concerning the Hmong in Laos

Linda Trinh Vo:

Frontiers: A Journal of
Women Studies, vol. 21:1-2, 2000. This special issue on Asian American women contains an essay by Nhi T. Nguyen, "Remembering 'the Nation' through pageantry: Femininity and the politics of Vietnamese womenhood in the 'Hoa Hau Ao Dai' contest"; poetry by Lan Duong, "June 23, 1995: San Francisco airport;" and Nhien T. Nguyen, "My pink ao dai"

Jack Willoughby:

"Home invasion robbery," a short address before the 2nd Asian Crime Symposium, Clearwater, FL, November 13-15, 2000; list of web sites related to Asian crime.

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