AsianAm Class Project

Part of the requirements for Linda Vo's "Southeast Asian American Experience" class last spring was to design a project that would promote or display the SEA Archive in order to understand what it means to collect, research, display, and preserve community histories. Working in groups, the students undertook a number of creative projects: Cosme Perez and Khanh Nguyen planned a brochure, Daisy Lok and Tram Tran worked on a slide show, Kearly Chhour and Nam Ly made a poster display, Michael Nailat scanned photographs for display on the Archive's web page, Phuong Nguyen and Susie Le collected materials from the Vietnamese community, Vy Ta designed a postcard, Sok Rim collected materials and made a videotape, with written commentary, of Cambodian dances. These projects have contributed new ideas and materials to the Archive, and also given students first-hand experience in documenting local communities. Thanks Linda! Professor Vo will offer the "Southeast Asian American Experience" class (AsianAm 151H) again in winter quarter 2002.