Paul Tran's Gift

During the summer the Southeast Asian Archive was delighted to receive a generous gift of materials from a long-time donor, Paul Tran. Mr. Tran's gift includes a variety of formats and covers a number of subjects. Part of the collection includes letters, audio and video tapes from Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong's Whitehead Detention Center protesting repatriation to Vietnam. This part of the collection is restricted until 2041 out of concern for the safety of individuals sent back to Vietnam. Mr. Tran's gift also contains unrestricted materials related to human rights and Vietnamese refugees, art work from the refugee camps, books and periodicals, materials concerning the Vietnamese community in Orange County (including Voice of Vietnamese Radio program recordings, correspondence, articles, and ephemera). The collection also contains video and audio interviews conducted in 1990 with Vietnamese students and workers in Czechoslovakia.

Mr. Tran's first donation to the Archive was in 1989. His gifts have been a primary source of the Archive's extensive collection of post-1975 Vietnamese language periodicals. A finding aid to other materials he has donated, Guide to the Paul Tran Collection on Overseas Vietnamese Advocacy Activities, is available on the web at: dynaweb/ead/uci/.